Where is your money going? (hint: it’s beer sales)

Full disclosure: We are a brewery and take pride in selling our beer, not reception space. We also have an amazing building and appreciation for history. This benefits you because we aren’t married to the “wedding industry” that preys on emotions to justify the “let’s take this times 3$ approach”. That’s fine, we aren’t for everyone. We’re limited on space for larger events, but if you have an intimate event planned we encourage you to do some $ shopping.


Decorating may be done one hour before and cleanup must be completed 30 minutes after the event. Tables and chairs are provided for up to 100 guests. We will set and break down tables and chairs if notified of layout at least one week ahead of event. Notify us close to the event as we will always allow extra free time to set up and take down if no other conflicting events are scheduled. 


Tables, Chairs, Equipment

We will provide 6' and 8' tables with seating for up to 100 people. More guest can be accommodated if formal seating is not required. With your direction we can set up the tables and chairs. All other decorations are the responsibility of the renters.

Chairs will be provided but you are responsible for seat covers, if desired.

We have a public-address system with microphones and inputs for personal music. Live music and DJs can use the equipment if we are notified in advance to make sure we have a tech in house.

We can also arrange for video equipment.

We are licensed to provide live artists who perform music licensed by ASCAP. Please inform us of any music requests at the time of booking. Any performer must sign and abide by our music contract.



50% of the total rental fee plus gratuity must be provided with a signed rental agreement to reserve any space. Deposit is refundable if cancelled 60 days prior to your event, no exceptions. Final payment is due the night of the event.



Gratuity for the bartender is $75 for a 4-hour reservation, $100 for an all-day package (bartender service is 5 hours). This must be paid with the deposit and thus no tips will be accepted during the event. If preferred by the client, no gratuity will be required and a “tip jar” will be employed. If the total tips collected do not meet the minimum $75 or $100 total, that amount will be added to the final client payment, due the night of the event.   



We have a catering kitchen attached to the Bee Hive Ballroom and Speakeasy. You may bring in your own food, although our on-site cooking facilities are only available for licensed food preparation. There are no dishes or utensils available. We can provide a list of local caterers.



The Ballroom has a bar with 4 taps hosting Worth Brewing beers. Additional Worth Brewing Beers are available in the Tap Room downstairs and can be included with your tab. We also have wine, hard cider, non-alcoholic beer, gluten-free beer, root beer, soda and malt beverages available. State law prohibits liquor in a brewing facility. Anyone found in possession of liquor will be asked to leave the premises. Any beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, must be purchased through Worth Brewing Company. Let us know if there is a special item you would like us to provide and we will order it for your event.

Holiday Inn by Diamond Jo Casino at I-35 exit 214 provides shuttle service to the Ballroom. They also have group rates and an indoor pool.
4712 Wheelerwood Rd, Northwood, IA 50459, (641) 323-7500

Country Inn and Suites, also at Diamond Jo Casino at I-35 exit 214. 711 Diamond Jo Lane, Northwood, IA 50459, (641) 323-7000


The Royal Motel is right in Northwood and a 15-minute walk to the Bee Hive Ballroom.
903 10th St S, Northwood, IA 50459, (641) 324-1252, http://royalmoteliowa.com/



The Ballroom and Speakeasy can be rented any day of the week.



Maintaining our preserved historic space is important to us. Temporary decorations must not harm the walls or floors and hanging anything from the tin ceiling is prohibited. No nails, hooks, screws, or pins may be used. Candles must be enclosed in a glass holder. No bubble or fog machines are permitted. Dance wax or compound, or any substance, may not be spread on floors. The use of glitter and other hard-to-clean decorations are prohibited. 



An electric chair lift enables access to the Bee Hive Ballroom and Speakeasy (250-lb. weight limit). If you have special requests notify us prior to the event date. We are happy to provide extra attention to those who need a bit of help. An extra wheelchair is available on our second level.



Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. Smoking is only allowed street side in front of the building. No smoking or lounging on the fire escape.


Emergency exit

The main exit for the Ballroom and Speakeasy Lounge is the entrance at the front of the building. If the exit is unusable there is an emergency exit near the restrooms. This is to be used for emergencies only and it is not intended for regular use.  Please do not open the rear door. 



Worth Brewing is a family-friendly establishment in the taproom and ballroom alike. All groups must have adequate adult supervision. We do encourage bringing table games and activities for the underage guest.


Clean Up

Clients are required to remove all items they bring in. All tables must be cleaned and all trash must be put in the provided containers. All decorations must be removed and the table cloth and chair covers must be removed. Ballroom staff will removed the tables and chairs and do any further cleaning.


Check Out

After your event we will inventory glassware, chairs and sound equipment as well as inspect the space for any damage. Any damaged or missing items will be charged to you for the repair or replacement of the items. If a professional cleaning service is required, you will be responsible for paying for the service in full. All guests, DJ's and caterers must vacate by the end of the time on your contract.


Event Policy

Due to Iowa alcohol laws, no alcohol other than cider, wine, wine coolers and beer brewed and/or supplied by Worth Brewing Company are allowed on premise. In the case alcohol other than noted above is found on premise during an event you will be fined $100 per instance/per person. Please notify your guests to not bring outside alcohol on premise.



You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Worth Brewing Company, its landlord, building owners, officers, employees, and agents harmless of and from any liabilities, costs, penalties, or expenses arising out of and/or resulting from the rental and use of the premises, including but not limited to, the personal guarantee of provision, service, and dispensing of payment by renter, its employees, and agents of alcoholic beverages at Worth Brewing Company.

In the event Worth Brewing Company, its landlord, building owners, officers, employees and/or agents, are required to file any action in court to enforce any provisions of this agreement, Renter agrees to pay Worth Brewing Company, its officers, landlord, building owners, employees and/or agents, all reasonable attorney fees, court fees, and costs of suit incurred by Worth Brewing Company, including all collection expenses and interest due.

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The Beehive Ballroom is located above Worth Brewing Company in downtown Northwood.